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About Cubiks Tests

Cubiks is a UK test provider that offers a wide range of tests, including both personality tests and competency tests. You can test these here.

The competency tests at Cubiks are called Logiks and consist of numerical, verbal and logical parts.

Logics is offered in two variants: Logiks General Intermediate and Logiks Advanced. At Test The Talent we offer training for both types of tests.

More about Cubiks tests

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Cubiks Logiks Advanced & Cubiks General Intermediate
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Which companies use Cubik’s tests?

Many international companies use Cubiks to test candidates for management and expert jobs. For example Bayer, Novo Nordisk, Maersk, Audi, DHL, Ernst & Young (EY), KPMG and L’Oréal.

I was a bit under time pressure as I had to take a Cubiks test in a short period of time. I really liked Test The Talent’s practice tests and enjoyed the feedback on each question. I didn’t spend more than an hour on it and got a pretty high score when I took the real test.

Cubiks Logiks Advanced Test Strategy

Cubiks Logiks Advanced requires you to solve the tasks quite quickly and with concentration, otherwise you won’t get a good score just because of the time pressure.

Hurry up but work concentrated to avoid making careless mistakes. Above all, read carefully what you are supposed to answer so that you are sure you are answering the right thing.

Practice as much as you can because practicing will make you much faster and give you a better score in the real exam.

Have aids ready, especially for the numerical test, pen and paper for notes, and a calculator.

Switch your cell phone to flight mode and sit in a place where you are sure not to be disturbed.

Cubiks Test – Questions and Answers

The Cubiks test is another test in the area of capability measurement. It is used as an indicator for companies in the selection process to successfully compare candidates with each other and find the right one.

The test covers the areas of numerical reasoning, verbal language comprehension and abstract reasoning.

There are two different test versions. These differ in the degree of difficulty: Logiks Intermediate and Logiks Advanced.

The Logiks test from Cubiks is considered relatively easier, in terms of time limit, number of questions and type of questions, and compared to other assessment tests. Nevertheless, preparation is recommended.

Companies use ability tests, such as the Cubiks test, to gain insight into which skills a candidate has and to what extent. The various results of all candidates are then compared, based on the test reports, and from this it can be seen which candidates are suitable for the open position and which are not.

Strong reasoning, numerical reasoning, and verbal reasoning skills are fundamental to many job positions, especially management positions. Thus, companies use Cubik’s tests to see how far the candidate brings skills that are required for the advertised position.

Practice! Practice! Practice!

It’s best to start today. Extensive preparation will help you know the structure of the questions and approach the test with confidence. Test The Talent clients improve by an average of 76%. Use Cubiks practice sets and learn the logic behind the test. When you receive Premium Access, you will also receive the Logic Solving Guide. This will help you to solve the abstract part of the test even easier and faster with sample questions, solution strategies and explanations.

The main difference lies in the difficulty of both test versions.

Logiks Intermediate

The Logiks Intermediate includes three different test areas – numerical, verbal and logical – for which you have four minutes each. Time plays an important factor in this test, so you have an average of 15 seconds per question to find the answer. The verbal part includes 24 questions to be solved in 4 minutes. For the numerical part, with 16 questions, you have 4 minutes, as well as you have 4 minutes for the 10 questions of the abstract part.

Logiks Advanced

In terms of structure, the questions in both test versions are the same.

In Logiks Advanced you also get questions on all three test areas. The difference here, however, is in the number of questions and the time. In total, you have to answer 12 questions on linguistic comprehension, 8 numerical questions and 10 abstract questions. So you get fewer questions, and have more time to answer the questions. However, the questions in this test are quite a bit more difficult. Logiks Advanced, in addition to the test that tests all three ability areas, also includes three individual tests on each of the three test areas.

Extensive preparation for your Cubiks test is essential to get a good result. Use the Cubiks test sets from Test The Talent to familiarize yourself with the questions and the structure.

On the day of the real test, make sure you are well prepared. Make sure you have a working internet connection when you take the test at home.

During the test: read each question clearly, possibly a second and third time, and understand exactly what needs to be done. Partially there are trick questions in Cubik’s tests, so work as concentrated as possible.

The tests are timed, so work focused, but still as fast as you can.

This depends on which Cubiks Logiks test you are working on. The Intermediate test has a duration of 12 minutes. For the Logiks Advanced test you have 20 minutes.

If you take a Cubiks test in only one, or two areas, the Logiks Verbal Advanced and the Logiks Numerical Advanced will each take 25 minutes, while the Abstract/Logical test will only take 15 minutes.

This cannot be answered exactly, as it depends very much on the individual company to which you are applying.

Nevertheless, it can be said that you have significantly better chances with an above-average result than with an average result. The tests serve the company as a selection to filter out the better candidates.

Your result will be compared with those of the other applicants. If you have achieved an above-average result, this will be noticed directly by the company and you will make a good and lasting impression.

In addition, a good result shows your ability to understand difficult issues under pressure and to think abstractly.

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