Garuda Logic Test

Do you have an upcoming Garuda Logic test? Do you want to prepare as best you can? Read more about the test and how to score high on the Garuda Test.

Companies testing potential candidates with Garuda Logic tests:

About Garuda Logic Tests

The Garuda logic test serves as an optimal indicator for your future employer to see which general intelligence skills you possess, how quickly you make decisions and how accurately you make them. The test also analyses how well you solve tasks and develop knowledge.

Thus, the Garuda Logic Test is another ability test that will define your chances of applying for a new job.

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How is the Garuda Logic Test structured?

The Garuda Logic Test always follows the same structure and consists of three subtests in the areas of Verbal Comprehension, Numerical Knowledge and Abstract Competencies.

Verbal Tasks: This test measures your competencies in how well you can assimilate and interpret complex verbal relationships.

Numerical Tasks: In this task section, you will be given numerical data and number sets and will be required to understand, analyse and present numerical data.

Abstract Tasks: This measures your ability to recognise patterns, relationships and consequences. It is based on a variety of given data.

The test is structured so that you have 20 minutes for  a total of 30 questions from all three test types. Even though time pressure is not the first priority in this intelligence test, it is important to keep an eye on the time in order to answer all of the 90 questions if possible. Therefore, intensive preparation is of enormous importance so that you get used to the time limits.

Garuda Test Categories

You will be presented with 30 numerical data and number set questions. Based on those you will be required to understand, analyse and present results and answer all the questions within 20 minutes. The example shows how a possible question of the numerical part might look like.


In this example you have to continue this number sequence with the right number.

You will be presented with 30 different types of logical structures, where you need to figure out what kind of pattern it follows. You have 20 minutes for this part. The following image gives you an insight of how a question could look like.


In this question you have to figure out which of the fields (A-D) belongs where the “?” is.

As in the numerical and abstract you will have 20 minutes to answer 30 verbal questions. In this part of the test you will be presented with different tasks that will tests you communication and verbal competencies. In the following you can see an example of how a question of the verbal subtest could look like.


In this verbal question you have to find out the connection between the words calibre and fire and project the rule on diameter and the fitting word from the choices below.

Calibre : Firearms
Diameter : ?

Impact weapons

The above example assumes that you already know that the diameter of the barrel of a firearm is called the calibre, which is also a measure of the size of the bullet.

A similar ananlogy exists only for tubes, since the size of a tube is always given in diameter. A similar correlation is excluded for the other three answer options.

Competence Profil Test

In some cases, the personality test, called CompetenceProfile, is carried out in addition to the Garuda Logic Test. This test measures your personal or soft skills in addition to your cognitive abilities and thus offers your potential future company even more insight into the recruitment process of new candidates.

The test gives a clear insight into whether you are, for example, a risk-taker and therefore able to make decisions quickly. In connection with the Ability Test, it therefore becomes apparent whether these quick decisions are also of high quality. This is judged by whether your results are of a high accuracy rate.

You can find out how best to prepare for a personality test and what exactly you can expect here at Test the Talent.

How to score high on the Garuda Logic Test

  1. Practise as much as possible with the general practice tests sets by Test the Talent before taking the real test.
  2. You choose the language in which you want to take the test. At best, choose the language in which your real test will also be.
  3. Be as focused and clear-headed as possible when you take the real test, and choose the time of day when you can concentrate best.
  4. Make sure you are completely undisturbed and put your phone on silent/flight mode.
  5. Practice just before the real test to warm up.

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