IST 2000 R Test

Do you have a cognitive IST 2000 R test coming up and want to prepare as best you can? Here you can find out about the IST 2000 R test and how you can achieve the highest possible score.

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About IST 2000 R Tests

Intelligence Structure Test (IST) 2000 R, is a combined test with a verbal, numerical and logical (visual-spatial) part. The test differs from other tests on the market in that it is very long. In total, the effective test time is 77 minutes plus introduction. The IST 2000 R test was developed by the German company Hogrefe.

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Structure: IST 2000 R Test

The test is divided into three independent parts: Verbal, Numerical, Logical, each with three subcategories.

Verbal: sentence completion, analogies, similarities 6 min + 7 min + 8 min = 21 minutes.

Numerical: Arithmetic, number sequences, arithmetic signs 3 * 10 min = 30 min

Logical: Figure composition, cubes, matrices 7 min + 9 min + 10 min = 26 minutes

Each part consists of 20 questions, so that this test comprises a total of 180 questions. The total effective test time is 77 minutes, plus the introduction to each section and the examples, so you will need more than an hour and a half to complete the IST 2000 R exam.

The test gives a good overview of the progress of the 20 questions in each section. You can skip the questions and come back to them later. After question 20, you will be asked if you want to go through the whole test and the unanswered questions again or finish the test even if you have more time. When the time is up, the subtest will end automatically and it is worth noting that there is no visible timer so you will know when this happens.

IST 2000 R Test Categories and Question Types

Completing sentences
In this type of task you have to complete a sentence

For example, it might say:

A ship is most likely to have a ?

You then have to answer based on different (5) possible answers.

You are presented with an expression.

Word A is to word B as word C is to ?

You have to choose the correct answer from 5 possible answers.

You are shown 6 different words and you have to choose the 2 that match best.

You are given a mathematical expression/equation and usually have to find X

55 – 22 = X

X = ?   (open answer)

Series of numbers
You see a series of numbers and have to find out which is the next logical number in the series:

2 4 6 8 10 12 ?   (Simple example)

Arithmetic sign
You are presented with an equation where the numbers and results are given.

However, the arithmetic sign(s) are missing, so you have to choose between plus, minus, multiply and divide: + – * :

Example: 16 ? 7 ?      4 = 92

Your task is to choose the correct arithmetic sign for each question mark.

Composition of the figure
You see a figure divided into 2-4 small figures. You have to answer which of the 5 possible figures the small figures can be put together into.

You can visually see the three sides of the cube,

It is not a “normal cube” with 1-6 eyes per side. There can also be other shapes like triangles or squares on the cube.

The task is to start with a cube and then visualise how it can be rotated to fit one of the 5 answer choices.

A more classic logic task where you see a sequence of composite shapes, but in a 2 x 2 or occasionally 3 x 3 formation.

A square of 4 or 9 is instead a question mark, and you have to work out which logical sequence is in the task so that you can choose the correct one from 5 possible answers.

The best preparation for IST 2000 R

1. Practise as much as possible in practice tests before taking the real exam.

2. Remember the tools: pencil and paper are especially useful for intermediate calculations in the numerical tests.

3. Be as concentrated and focused as possible when taking the real test, and choose the time of day when you can work best.

4. Make sure you sit completely undisturbed and put your phone on silent/flight mode.

5. Train and warm up just before the real test.

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