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About Matrigma Tests

What is a Matrigma test?

Developed by the Swedish company Assessio, the Matrigma test is another skill test that can be used to test General Mental Ability (GMA). Matrigma tests come in two versions: Classic and Adaptive version. All test questions follow the same pattern, but with different logic.

What kind of questions can be expected?


Matrices (3×3 grid pattern)

Contain different objects, which are located with a certain logic at the respective places in the grid. There are six response options.


Each question contains a 3×3 grid, only the objects are arranged according to a different logic for each new question. This requires you to look closely at the matrices from different perspectives. Often you automatically start looking at the rows and columns of the matrix first. But it is important to keep an eye on the diagonal sides as well.

What to watch out for

  • Changed color of individual or all objects
  • Changed number of objects
  • Rotation or changed arrangement of the objects
  • Reflection or turning of the objects
  • Folding or symmetry of the objects

Available Languages

Both the Adaptive and the Classical Matrigma Test can be processed in a variety of languages. If you decide to buy our training package, you can specify in which language you want to perform the test. It is advisable to practice the test in the language in which you will have to take it.

More about Matrigma-Tests

Test the Talent offers five English test sets.
More than 140 questions / tasks to practice.
You can use this to determine your level so you know if you would pass the right test.
You will receive detailed feedback on every single question.
Best conditions to improve significantly.

Did you know...

…that there are two different Matrigma versions? Learn more!

Matrigma Test Versionen

Matrigma Test Versions

Until early 2020, only one version of Matrigma Test – the classic version – was available to the general public.

The new, more sophisticated version, called adaptive Matrigma Test, offers additional benefits to the hiring process due to new technological features. It offers the possibility to examine the potential of candidates in solving complex tasks in a shorter time, without losing the reliability and precision of the classic version.

Although the adaptive version is the same as the classic Matrigma test version in terms of question structure, it differs in some aspects. At Test The Talent you can prepare for both test versions.

Classic Matrigma Test

In this version you have 40 minutes to solve 35 test questions. The difficulty level increases with time and with the number of questions answered.

Adaptive Matrigma Test

The special thing about the adaptive test version is that you have 12 minutes to answer as many questions as you can. The more, the better. You have a maximum of 60 seconds per question. Here, the difficulty of the questions depends on your performance in the previously solved question. If you answer a question correctly, the difficulty level of the next questions increases. However, if you answer a question incorrectly, the next question will be slightly easier. The adaptive test system automatically excludes questions that are too easy or too difficult for the candidate, as the candidate’s maximum performance is evaluated and adjusted during the entire test.

Classic Matrigma Adaptive Matrigma
Questions 35 Questions As many as possible (usually 15-20 questions)
Time Limit 40 Minutes 12 Minutes

1 Minute per Question

Level of Difficulty Predetermined difficulty increase The difficulty level is based on your performance in the previous question


Results and Interpretation

What you get

A special feature of the Matrigma test is that you do not get a specific score or the number of questions you answered correctly. Nevertheless, you will get a result. It tells you whether you scored below average, average, or above average, giving you an indication of how well you performed. This is the same for both the classic and adaptive versions. Your employer, for whom you are taking the test, will receive a detailed report with a graphical representation of your performance. It looks like this:

How you can understand it

A score of 7 or higher is considered a very good performance (the numbers do not represent the number of questions solved correctly, but are only an indicator for comparison). Thus, 16% get a score of 7-10, most (68%) get a score of 3-6, which is average, and another 16% get a low score, which is below average (score below 2).

How to interpret it

The Matrigma Test is used by employers to get an idea of potential job applicants and how well they can solve complex tasks. A high score achieved in one of the test versions shows that the potential candidate has the ability to easily learn new content. In addition, successful test takers are considered to be more efficient, creative, and flexible in dealing with challenges. In terms of career advantages, these candidates may be more successful in positions that require the completion of complex tasks than other candidates who score lower.

Reasons why you should practice for your Matrigma test with TEST THE TALENT

  • An application process is always accompanied by competition. Extensive preparation for your aptitude test can therefore make the difference between getting the job or not
  • If you deal with Matrigma test questions and understand how they are structured, it will save you a lot of time, which in turn will ensure that you can answer more questions and thus achieve a better result.
  • Some matrices are very complex and can seem very confusing and frustrating at first sight, which in turn slows down the solution process. So learn in the previous how to deal with such situations.
  • By repeating and practicing often, you will become familiar with the questions. This will ensure that you will take the real test with less nervousness and pressure.
  • Test The Talent also offers a guide that comprehensively reveals possible solutions and structures of typical Matrigma questions. Once you understand how to solve Matrigma questions, you will find it much easier.

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