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About GIA-Tests

The test is often referred to simply as the GIA test or Thomas GIA test and is offered by the company Thomas International. GIA stands for General Intelligence Assessment. The GIA test is often administered in conjunction with the same company’s PPA personality test, which is based on the DISC profile and is similar to a DISC profile test.

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How are GIA tests structured?

The GIA test is primarily a logical-mathematical test, but it focuses strongly on speed and is similar to a normal IQ test.

The test is divided into 5 parts where you have to answer as many questions as possible correctly within the given time.

The test takes 30 minutes to complete, not including instruction and repetition of the demo questions. This is equivalent to 6 minutes for each of the 5 parts.

However, it takes some time to read and understand the instructions correctly and to try out the demo questions, which will not be included in the final test. So allow yourself enough time (1 hour) to complete the test in full.

The questions may seem simple, even trivial, but an important factor in passing the test is speed.

The score you get on a GIA test is a percentage. on a scale of 0-100, where 50% is the normal distribution.

So if you get a score of 50%, you are right in the middle of the normal range (average) of applicants tested.

For each of the 5 subcategories you will get a percentage score and additionally a total score for the whole test.

Subcategories of the GIA test

For example, you get a statement

“Peter is smaller than Ole”

And two possible answers: Peter and Ole.

As soon as you click on it, the statement disappears and is replaced by a question. For example. Who is smaller?

So you have to memorise the statement and then answer the question.

These questions continue in the same style with 2 names and different characteristics:

Who is happiest, who is tallest, who is tallest? Who is the thinnest, who is the shortest?

Pay special attention to the fact that the questions keep changing in terms of content. Explanation.

Example: Jakob is older than Florian. Who is the youngest?  Or who is the oldest?

This question type is all about your visual ability to quickly connect upper and lower case letters.


h d p q

4 sets of alphabets are shown, each arranged vertically (so in the example above, Hh , Dd , Ap & Fq).

The top line is written in capital letters, the bottom line is always written in lower case.

For each question, answer how many of the four sentences have the same upper and lower case letters.

It will always be possible to answer the question. 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4 match.

In the specific example, we can see that group 1 matches Hh, as does group 2 matches Dd, but the last two, Ap and Fq, do not match.
The correct answer is therefore 2.

In this numerical task you are presented with 3 numbers.

You have to find out which of the smallest or largest numbers is furthest from the middle number (or think of it as the remaining number).

For example, you might see these three numbers. 5 9 3

3 is the smallest, 9 is the largest and 5 is the middle (remaining) number.

The distance from 5-9 = 4 and the distance from 3-5 is 2. The smallest distance from the middle number is at the number 3. So the correct answer is the number 3.

You see three words on the screen and you have to find out which of the three words stands out from the other two.

In other words, 2 of the words are connected, the third word is not.

For example:

Nano Micro Eliminate

Nano and micro both mean something (very) small, while eliminate means something like remove.

It is not possible to make a connection between eliminate and the other words. Eliminate is therefore the word that stands out and the correct answer.

You see a picture where, for example, the letter R is shown in four different rotations. 90, 180 and 270 degrees.

In addition, it is displayed in both reverse and inverted directions.

You should think of it as 2 sets (viewed vertically and outlined). You now have to answer whether either 0, 1 or 2 (both) of the two sets match. And by matches is meant whether the letters can both be rotated and match or whether they are different no matter how they are rotated.

In the example above, the left set shows that the top R rotates correctly when it is rotated 90 degrees clockwise. However, in the right-hand set, the top R is reversed and no matter how it is rotated, it does not match the bottom R in this set. The correct answer for this task is therefore 1.

GIA Test Result

Once you have taken the GIA exam, the company for which you are taking the exam will be able to tell from your test results, among other things, the following

  • How you compare to other applicants who have taken the test
  • How well you can absorb new information
  • How good your general word comprehension is
  • Whether you have a good short-term memory
  • The strength of your logical reasoning
  • Mathematical skills in terms of accuracy in quick calculations and number sense

Tips for scoring high on GIA tests

  1. Practise as much as possible in practice tests before taking the real exam.
  2. Remember not to be too quick (to avoid careless mistakes).
  3. There is a time limit of only 6 minutes for each category. You definitely do not have time to think about a question you may be struggling with. Just move on to the next one.
  4. You choose the language in which you want to take the test. Choose German if this is your mother tongue. It will help you.
  5. Be as alert and clear as possible when you take the real test, and choose the time of day when you do best.
  6. Make sure you sit completely undisturbed and put your phone on silent/flight mode.
  7. Consider whether you will use a mouse or trackpad, depending on what you can work fastest with.
  8. Warm up just before the actual exam.

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