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AON tests, formerly known as Cut-e tests, are from AON’s acquisition of the German test company CUT-e in 2017. There is a wide range of different types of tests: numerical, verbal, and logical. The numerical and verbal are typical for assessment tests, but the logical/spatial tests are a bit more unique in their style.

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How is the AON test structured?

The Aon assessments follow a consistent structure for ease of understanding. Initially, you are presented with a brief introduction outlining the exercises, followed by a detailed interactive explanation where the test mechanics are demonstrated. You’ll need to complete certain actions to proceed, with example exercises included for practice. These introductory stages are not timed, allowing you to fully grasp the test format at your own pace.

An AON Assesment Tests comprises a diverse array of questions, categorized primarily into Numerical, Verbal, and Logical (Inductive and Deductive Reasoning) sections. Detailed descriptions of these question types are available to aid in your preparation.

The AON Assessment Test can serve a purpose similar to an IQ test, with scores reflecting a broad range of cognitive abilities. When used in employment settings, the company administering the test will receive your scores broken down into Numerical, Verbal, and Logical categories. Additionally, an overall cognitive ability score is provided.

Your response speed is also taken into account. While the test is not strictly a speed test, efficient time management is crucial to maximize your performance across all questions.

AON Online Assessment Test. Categories and question types

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Numerical Reasoning

This section assesses your ability to interpret, analyze, and draw conclusions from numerical data. You will encounter questions involving statistics, graphs, and tables, requiring an understanding of basic arithmetic, percentages, and ratios. You will then assess the truth of a statement based on the information you were presented or answer a question about the presented data.

Here follows an example of a Numerical Reasoning question:

Which country has the lowest growth percentage in share of world oil production during the period 1993 – 2013?

Verbal Reasoning

In the Verbal Reasoning part, you are tested on your ability to understand and critically evaluate written material. This section typically involves analyzing passages of text and determining the truth of a statement based on the provided information.
An example of such a question could be:

Psychometrics (psycho + metric: measurement of the psyche) is the name for the branch of science that deals with theoretical and methodological bases of measuring mental abilities and states in humans. These may refer to levels of intelligence, personality traits, memory, etc. In a broader sense, the term also includes any application of mathematics and statistics to psychological data. In a narrower sense, the term is associated with psychological testing, which is the most common method of testing the psyche. The main practical purpose of psychometrics is to provide methods for constructing and administering psychological tests. This is done using quantitative, statistical methods that can help determine the degree to which a test provides accurate, valid results. It is impossible for psychologists researching or developing methods for measuring psychological ability to avoid psychometric supervision to ensure the validity of their work. Psychometric principles are the foundation of psychology as an objective science.

Psychometrics attempt to quantify personality traits

Your task is to assess whether the statement in bold is true, false or can’t be answered based on the given text.

Understanding of Basic Instructions

This component evaluates your ability to comprehend and follow basic instructions. It is essential in determining your capability to effectively understand and execute tasks in a work environment. You will assess the truth of a statement based on the instructions you were given.

Inductive Reasoning

Inductive Reasoning is focused on your ability to identify patterns, logical rules, and trends in data. It involves working with abstract concepts or incomplete information to form general rules or conclusions.

Here is an example of an Inductive Reasoning question:

Here, the task is to determine which of the boxes, A, B, C or D, that is the next one in pattern.

Deductive Reasoning (Switch Challenge)

The Switch Challenge is a specific form of deductive reasoning test. It requires you to apply logical thinking to determine the relationships between different numbers. In this type of question you will find a sequence of four digits which will give you the right result.

Deductive Reasoning (Gap Challenge)

The Gap Challenge is another variation of deductive reasoning. In this test, you need to identify the missing element in a sequence or pattern, essentially ‘filling the gap’ in a logical manner.

Vilken figur ska det vara istället för frågetecknet?

Numeracy (Digit Challenge)

The Digit Challenge tests your basic numeracy skills. This section involves tasks where you need to quickly and accurately perform calculations or identify numerical patterns, focusing on your ability to work with numbers efficiently.

Here comes an example of such a question:

In this specific example, you can only use numbers from 1-9, and you can’t use each number more than once.

The best preparation for AON Assessment Tests

  1. Practice as much as you can on practice tests before the real test
  2. You choose which language you want the test in. It is preferable to choose your mother tongue. It will help you especially in the word recognition part.
  3. Be as sharp and clear-headed as you can when you take the real test. Choose the time of day when you perform best.
  4. Make sure you sit completely undisturbed and put your phone on silent/fly mode.
  5. Warm up with a practice test just before the real test.

AON Online Assessment Test (cut-e) – FAQ

In the AON assessment, whether or not you can use a calculator depends on the specific test and the policies of the administering organization. Generally, for tests involving numerical reasoning, some organizations allow the use of a basic calculator, while others might not, to assess your natural numerical ability.

It’s crucial to check the guidelines provided by the organization that is administering the test or with AON’s assessment instructions. These guidelines should clarify if a calculator is permitted. If no specific information is provided, it’s advisable to prepare without relying on a calculator, to ensure you are well-equipped to handle the test under any conditions.

In any case, we recommend bringing a pen and paper for writing down notes, and getting an overview on tougher questions.

The AON assessment is available in a variety of languages to accommodate candidates from diverse linguistic backgrounds. This global accessibility is a key feature of the AON assessments. We recommend practising the test in English, if that’s your mother tongue, as you will then be most comfortable, and have an easier time especially when answering the verbal questions.

Primarily larger companies such as Siemens, EasyJet, Morgan Stanley, Dell, Adidas and many others. The AON assessment tests are versatile and used for a wide range of positions across various industries. The type of position for which the AON test is used typically depends on the specific skills and competencies that an employer wants to assess.

How long the AON Assessment takes depends on the job you applied for. Typically the invitation says how much time you are probably going to spend completing it.

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