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About Mensa

Mensa is an international organization for people of high intelligence or high IQ. The purpose of Mensa is, among other things, to promote intellectual and social interactions among its members who share an interest in intelligence and science. In Denmark, the organization Mensa Denmark has approximately 1800 members. Mensa Denmark’s official website is To become a member of Mensa Denmark, you must be among the 2% most intelligent, which corresponds to an IQ around 132.

The Mensa IQ Test

Mensa tests potential candidates at official events where you physically show up and are tested. The test used is a pure logical IQ test (Figure Reasoning Test) The test consists entirely of the same type of logical task. And it increases in difficulty from questions 1-45 You only have 20 minutes to complete the entire test.

Each task has a 3×3 grid (Matrix). In the individual fields there are shapes that follow a certain logic. You usually look at logical sequences in the rows and columns of the matrix first. However, it is important to keep an eye on the diagonals, especially in really difficult problems.


  • Position of elements in the overall figure
  • Changed colours on some or all of the shapes
  • Shape of the figure and number of sides
  • Change in the number of shapes
  • Rotation or mirroring of the shapes

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