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If you cannot find an answer to your question here, please feel free to contact our Support.

Once you have completed your purchase, you will have direct access to the test product. You can access “My Tests” from the menu at the top of the website.


You will also receive an email with the account details (login and password) for Test The Talent.  We will send the email right after your purchase, but there may still be a delay. So wait 5 minutes to be absolutely sure that the email will not arrive. (Also remember to check your Spam folder and, if you use Gmail, your All Mail folder).

If you have not received any mail at all, you can try to reset your account password here


If nothing works at all, it may be that you have entered your e-mail incorrectly, contact us and we will solve it quickly so you can start training.

Unfortunately, we cannot manually change the access once you have purchased it. However, we can solve the problem by purchasing access to the correct tests. We guarantee to refund you for the tests you did not need. Contact us and we will fix the problem.

If you took the free test and entered your name and email address correctly, you will also receive an email with the test result.

In some cases, the email may end up in your spam folder or outside the Gmail inbox. If you have the impression that you did not receive any mail at all, please write to us. We have the option to find the test and send it to you manually.

You are also welcome to take the free tests another time.

All tests in Test The Talent can be taken as many times as you like. In the My Tests menu you will find a submenu called Test History. Here you will get an overview of all your test attempts, including the results and detailed explanations (feedback) for each question.

You can, but note that some questions are the same in the different test packages. If you are not training for a specific test, but want general test training, we recommend the general numerical, verbal and logical test training.

You can receive a full refund of your purchase price up to 14 days after purchasing access.

Please note that a refund means that your account, including all test results, will be closed and permanently deleted.

Please write to us at support@testttalent.com. We would like to know why you were not satisfied.

We cannot refund the amount paid via bank transfer, only via our payment provider Pensopay. This officially takes 5-10 days, but is usually faster.

The exercises activate and sharpen the centers of the brain needed to pass tests. If you are used to working with math or big data analysis, you may only improve by 20-30% on numerical tests, for example. If you have a less mathematical background or do not work with numerical analysis on a daily basis, you will often improve more in training. Examples of improvements of 90-100% are well known.

With logic tests, we see significant improvements, which is due to the fact that some people have no prior knowledge of these tests, so the training will really boost performance.

At Test The Talent, we looked at the results of everyone who took the free tests and compared them to those who took the last test. In this analysis, we saw a 76% improvement.

With a little concentrated work and preparation, most people, regardless of their background, can achieve a high score.

We know that some companies have a fixed score that all employees must achieve as a minimum in order to be hired in certain roles. However, this is not officially announced. This is most common in companies with high knowledge intensity. But in general, it can be difficult to get a job if you score very low, that is, below the normal range.

There is usually no formal minimum score, but the test is scored along with your CV and qualifications and compared to the scores of other applicants.

A good score on a skills test is a big plus in getting the job, especially if there are several suitable applicants with good skills.

We also know that the test training itself can become an object of discussion at the interview, especially if you score very high. There will be talk about how you scored, what strategy you used, how you improved, etc. You will leave the impression that you are very motivated for the job because you spent a lot of time preparing, and that even if you are given a difficult task, you will do it.

In many companies, the results are saved and can be used at a later date by managers and HR to assess whether you are suitable for promotion.

No! Test the Talent only offers one-time payment options and NO subscriptions. This means, when you buy a product, you pay one time 49 Euros and will have access to the package for three month. After the three month you will no longer have access, but you can of course repeat your purchase.

Unfortunately not, we only offer tests for candidates who want to improve themselves for an upcoming recruitment test.

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