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Are you going to be tested in a People Test Logic (PTL) test and want to prepare? Here you can learn about the PTL test and how to get a higher score the People Test Logic Test.

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People Test Logic (PTL) is an intelligence and skills test offered by the company People Test Systems.

It is a test that stands out from other skills tests by its high number of questions (there are 80) and the wide variety of question types. Typically, you will not encounter the same type of question more than a few times among the 80 questions.

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How is the PTL test structured?

A People Test Logic Test (PTL) contains 80 questions distributed within numerical, logical (spatial) and verbal questions. The variation in questions is very large, so you will only encounter the exact same question type a few times. And some types of questions you may not encounter at all. A little further down this page you can see detailed descriptions of the types of questions you may encounter in the PTL Test.

A People Test Logic test can be used as a regular IQ test and will be eligible for Mensa (if your result corresponds to an IQ above 130 / or what corresponds to the top 2% of the Danish population.

The company testing you will then see your score broken down into Numerical, Logical and Verbal categories as well as an overall IQ score which follows the same scale as IQ is traditionally measured on. It is a scale where 100 is the mean, for the norm group, which is the whole population.

In addition, you will receive a score according to your response speed. You have 30 minutes to answer as many of the 80 questions as you can. But the test is not a speed test, so to get a good result you should aim to get through the test in the time available.

The order of the questions seems arbitrary, but you can jump back and forth through the 80 questions and the test offers a good overview by having the numbers 1-80 at the bottom of the test window, as well as clearly marking the questions you haven’t answered yet

People Test Logic test categories and question types

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Mathematical problem

You are presented with a descriptive text with a mathematical problem such as this:

Anna has a flower bed. She has 32 pots of flowers and a watering can that holds 1.5 litres of water. With a full watering can, she can water 8 pots.
How much water does she need to fill all 32 pots?

Complete the equation

A classic equation where you need to find X.

32 + X = 128 – 86

Next number in the row

You are presented with a sequence of 5-6 numbers in a logical sequence, you must find the next logical number in the sequence.

2 4 6 8 10 12 ? (very easy example)

Verbal contradictions

You must relate to a statement, for example:

A car always has ? and some possible answers such as. Engine, Roof, Lights etc.

Letter of the alphabet

You have to count places in the alphabet to answer

Which letter is between C and K ?

There is also a variation where you have to answer which letter of a word is in the same position in the word as in the alphabet.

Which word stands out

Out of 4-5 closely related words, you need to identify which word doesn’t fit in.

Which word comes first in a dictionary

You see a 4-6 words that are very similar. Typically you have to go far in the letters to see which one would come first.

Verbal Analogy

You need to assess how words relate to each other. Saddle relates bike as seat to ?

The meaning of words

You need to know what some slightly more difficult words mean, such as. Indignant, dupe or equivocate.

Opposites (Antonyms)

You are presented with a word and have to find the word that is its opposite.


You are presented with a word and have to find the word that has the same meaning.

Grammatical terms

Among 5 words you have to choose for example: Which is, or is not, an adjective.

Logical Analogy

You are presented with some figures A,B,C

Figure A corresponds to B as C corresponds to ?

Odd one out / which figure stands out

Out of 4-5 different figures you have to identify which one stands out.

Inductive reasoning

The classic logical figures with a sequence where you have to find the next logical one in the sequence.
The visual span of the logic tests for People Test Logic is great and you can besides various shapes, you can meet playing cards, domino pieces and other elements.

Visual imagination

A text describes shapes such as a triangle where the corners have letters that are swapped around, and you have to answer where the letters end.

Overlapping shapes

A large figure with rectangles with numbers in them. There are many overlaps in the shapes and you have to add numbers in defined overlaps.

The best preparation for People Test Logic

  1. Practice as much as you can on practice tests before the real test
  2. You choose which language you want the test in. It is preferable to choose your mother tongue. It will help you especially in the word recognition part.
  3. Be as sharp and clear-headed as you can when you take the real test. Choose the time of day when you perform best.
  4. Make sure you sit completely undisturbed and put your phone on silent/fly mode.
  5. Warm up with a practice test just before the real test.

People Test Logic FAQ

In the official People Test Logic test, it says that you can only use pen and paper, which means that calculators are not allowed.

When taking the official People Test Logic test, you can choose from Danish, English, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Icelandic, Polish and many more. It is recommended to choose Danish if it is your mother tongue, it will help you especially in the verbal questions.

Primarily larger companies such as Handelsbanken, Kemp & Lauritzen, Novo Nordisk, Mediq, Niras and many others. The test is typically used to test directors, managers and mid level knowledge workers.

You have 30 minutes to answer 80 questions/tasks. Which equates to an average of 22.5 seconds per question.

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