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About Eligo Tests

ELIGO differs from traditional recruitment tests in that it does not exist in a pure form. Depending on the company and position, your ELIGO test will include different modules from the areas of verbal comprehension, numerical and logical skills, as well as technology and spatial understanding. The test is taken on the Perls Testing Platform and lasts 30 – 120 minutes, depending on the level.

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How is the Eligo test structured?

Depending on the company and position, your test will be structured differently. Your skills will be tested in different areas, called ‘modules’ in this test.

In the verbal area, the modules include tasks on abstraction, reasoning, analogies, spelling, text analysis and language.

Numerical modules test your skills in tasks such as diagram analysis, number series, text tasks, arithmetic with symbols and matrices.

There may also be modules in your Eligo test that include tasks on problem solving, spatial orientation and technical skills.

Some modules are time-limited, others are not. The number of questions also differs depending on the module. You can find out more about the different modules below.

Test categories and question types

ELIGO Test NameTest The Talent Übungstest
Abstraction abilityVerbal – Word Cohesion 1 & 2
Applied Reasoning Verbal Test 1-5
Diagram Analysis Numerical Test 1-5
Deductive Thinking Verbal – Analogy 1-3
Problem Solfing CapacityLogical – Matrix – 1-4
Spelling competence
Identifying Rules Numerical – Number Sequence 1-3
Team orientation
Technical understanding
Text analysisVerbal Test 1-5
Number skillsNumerical – Math Problems 1-5
Language skills
Processing speedLogical – Processing speed 1-3

Test Results

Once you have successfully completed your Eligo test, you will receive a detailed report on your results. The results are summarised into characteristics, which in turn provide information about your abilities. The test report contains graphics and text to communicate the results clearly to the participants. The report also contains a statement on how to interpret your results correctly. Test The Talent also provides you with detailed feedback on each question, as well as an explanation of how you arrived at the correct answer.

The best preparation for ELIGO tests

  1. Practise as much as possible in practice tests before you take the real exam.
  2. Be as well-rested and fit as possible on the day of the exam.
  3. Use the tools available to you, such as a calculator, paper and pen.
  4. Choose the time of day when you can work best for the test.
  5. Make sure that you are completely undisturbed and switch your phone to flight mode.
  6. Practise shortly before the actual test so that you can warm up.
  7. Pay attention to the timer for timed tasks, so that you learn to work on the tasks under time pressure.
  8. It is important to work on the tasks in a focussed manner. However, if you get stuck on a task, answer intuitively to avoid wasting time.
  9. Try to remain as calm as possible. With intensive preparation, you have a good chance of passing the test with a great result

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