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Test The Talent was created to help you prepare for your upcoming assessment test in a comprehensive and efficient way.

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible training so that you can pass your test with confidence, increasing your chances of landing your dream job. Competition for the best jobs is fierce and regardless of your CV – aptitude tests require thorough preparation!

Test The Talent gives you access to a range of varying tests of different difficulty levels. The tests are modeled after the aptitude tests used in job interviews. Scoring high on an SHL, PICA or Cubiks test requires practice. If you prepare sufficiently, you can definitely achieve a convincing result – our SHL, PICA and Cubik tests will help you do so!

Why should you prepare well?

In principle, training the mind is similar to preparing the body for running a marathon: Most people can run a few kilometers without any problems. But if you want to run them fast, you have to train for it. With a structured training program, you can prepare specifically for the marathon and quickly improve your performance. Experienced runners tend to show less improvement than beginners – but all can improve their performance through practice!

The same is true for the SHL, PICA and Cubik tests. If you have practiced beforehand, you will be able to complete the tests faster and with fewer errors. You will have understood the logic behind the questions and know what to look for.

The exercises activate and sharpen exactly the centers of your brain that are required by the SHL, PICA and Cubiks tests. If you are used to working with mathematical questions or difficult data analysis, you may only improve by 20-30%. If you have a less mathematical background or do not work with number crunching on a daily basis, you will likely see greater improvements from the training. There have even been improvements between 70 and 80%! With intensive preparation, anyone can achieve a high score, regardless of their background.

In both the verbal and numerical and logical-inductive SHL, PICA and Cubiks tests, you are given data sets or texts to which you are asked a series of questions. There is only one correct answer to each question. For the numerical questions, you will be asked to make a calculation based on data presented in a graph or table. You will be presented with a range of different numbers as possible answers. The verbal reasoning questions typically have three answer choices, “Yes”/”Correct,” “No”/”Incorrect,” or “Unable to Answer.”

The SHL, PICA and Cubiks tests have been written in German to make the testing process as similar as possible to the real aptitude test. The tests are also available in other languages. When registering, you can choose in which language you would like to take the test. We recommend that you choose your native language.

Some companies work with a minimum score that all applicants must achieve in order to be hired. In this way, they ensure a high level of knowledge among all employees in the group. This is only the case in knowledge-intensive companies, usually there is no formal minimum score. Instead, the test score is assessed together with your work experience and qualifications and compared with the scores of the other applicants.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been dealing with traditional arithmetic. So I bought a SHL practice test and I am absolutely thrilled with the results. In the first SHL test, I had 10 – 12 correct answers, but after only two more tests, I was able to increase my score to 16 – 18 correct answers! Refreshing old knowledge is important.

With our help, you can effectively prepare for the aptitude test of your desired employer. SHL test are used by the following companies, among others:

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