Before you decide to pay for access, we give you the opportunity to try our PICA (PI-LI / PLI) tests completely free of charge. This way you can get to know our system and our tests, familiarize yourself with the structure and get an idea of in your current level.

Regardless of whether you have ever taken a PICA (PI-LI / PLI) test before, the test practice sessions will help you better understand the structure and questions of the PICA (PI-LI / PLI) tests. The more you practice, the faster and more confidently you will answer the questions.

The test consists of 25 questions.

  • Choose the correct answer from the 4 to 5 choices.
  • Tools such as calculator, pen and paper are allowed – have them ready.
  • You have only 6 minutes for our practice test.
  • Afterwards, the correct answers will be displayed and you will receive feedback on your overall score. This will give you a sense of how you would perform in a real test.
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