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Verbal Question Types

Typical Verbal Question

Here you can see a typical verbal test question. This type of question is used in numerical SHL tests, but also in Cubiks, Saville, People Test Logic and many other test systems.

In this type of question you are given several texts to which you have to answer three different questions with “yes”, “no”, or “cannot be answered”.

Your comprehension of language is required here.


You are given a term and must choose from the answer choices which word corresponds to the opposite of the term.


You are given two words that have a connection in some way. You need to identify this connection and then apply it to a new pair of words.

Logical Reasoning

Here you will be given a short text and a statement based on it. Your task is to identify whether the statement is true, false, or cannot be answered.

Verbal Tests are used by

SHL test   –  PI CA (PLI ) test  –  Cubiks / Talogy Logik  –  Saville Tests  –   Thomas  GIA  –  IBM Kenexa  –  Talent Q / Korn Ferry  –   Hogan  –  AON / Cut-e  – People Test LogicACE Cognitive Test 

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  • You will be presented with a text, based on it you will have to answer three questions.
  • Now you have to choose from the answer options “Yes”, “No” or “cannot be answered with the information”.
  • Read the texts carefully so that you can answer the questions to the best of your ability.
  • You will have 10 minutes to complete the test.

After the test, you will receive feedback on each question, an overall score, and an indication of your level of performance on a real test in the recruiting process

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